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Napoleon in Brno


The city centre will commemorate the 212th anniversary of Emperor Napoleon’s arrival and stay in Brno. You can join the historical procession with Emperor Napoleon and pray for the casualties of war and experience a performance about the arrival of French soldiers in Brno. Videomapping and a large-scale outdoor projection on the 1805 campaign will be on view.

Brno, Biskupský dvůr
49.191261N, 16.608510E

Hike to the Austerlitz battlefield


Combine interesting history with physical exercise! Set off on a tourist hike with soldiers to memorable places of the Austerlitz battlefield on a November Saturday.

Křenovice u Vyškova
49.143523N, 16.825206E

Napoleonic torch procession in Holubice


In Holubice, the remembrance of the Battle of Austerlitz is accompanied by a torchlight procession through the village and commemorative ceremony to honour those who perished in the Napoleonic wars.

49.178640N, 16.814541E

The 1805 campaign in Vyškov


Visit the town of Vyškov and travel 212 years back in time, just before the Battle of Three Emperors broke out in 1805. You can watch a skirmish on the town’s main square, visit a military camp and admire the shiny uniforms of the re-enactment groups. 

49.277837N, 16.999473E

Ecumenical service for the casualties of the battle


The Napoleonic wars from a different perspective: an ecumenical service to commemorate the casualties will be held in Slavkov (Austerlitz) and followed by a musical performance in the Historic Hall of Slavkov-Austerlitz Chateau.

Slavkov u Brna
49.154805N, 16.874642E

Brno and the Battle of Austerlitz – gathering in the Denis gardens


Watch an evening procession of soldiers in uniforms in the very centre of Brno. The procession will end with a remembrance gathering at the memorial in the Denis gardens.

49.190868N, 16.605631E

Once upon a time in Austerlitz 1805


Demonstrations of battle episodes, historic fair and costumed shows in the chateau: such is the menu of the Battle of Three Emperors commemorative events in Slavkov u Brna (Austerlitz).

Slavkov u Brna
49.153254N, 16.876498E

The French in Křenovice

1.12.2017, 2.12.2017, 3.12.2017

Travel 212 years back in time – a contemporary farmyard with straw, soldiers, smells coming from a kettle on the fireplace and men in a skirmish – absorb the spirit of the time! You can watch a smith at work and take part in a commemorative ceremony at the mass graves above the village.

Křenovice u Slavkova
49.141522N, 16.826107E

Commemorative remembrance of the casualties of the 1805 battle


The commemorative events relating to the Battle of Austerlitz held in Šlapanice will include a procession and ceremony for the casualties of the 1805 battle.

Šlapanice u Brna
49.168834N, 16.727379E

Fires on the Žuráň hillock


Traditional gathering at the Emperor Napoleon’s command post with the participation of soldiers in period uniforms. The ceremonial lining up of troops in uniforms will culminate with a ceremonial salvo at the Žuráň memorial.

Podolí u Brna
49.179778N, 16.738352E

1805 Remembrance event in Zbýšov


A traditional meeting between citizens and representatives of military troops will take place in Zbýšov. The event will include a skirmish on the village green and remembrance of the casualties of wars. You can also visit a military camp in the village.

Zbýšov u Vyškova
49.131337N, 16.805729E

Jiříkovice fires


You can commemorate an authentic historical event, the casualties of the 1805 conflict and the burning of Jiříkovice.

49.166716N, 16.757996E

Commemorative ceremony in Jiříkovice


Commemorative ceremony and procession in uniforms to Norbert Brassinn’s memorial in Jiříkovice.

49.171991N, 16.760185E

Militaria fair in Šlapanice


As has become a tradition, a militaria fair will be held in Šlapanice from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon. It is held in the Orlovna building on Masaryk Square.

Šlapanice u Brna
49.168604N, 16.727565E

Re-enactment of the Battle of Austerlitz (Tvarožná)


The remembrance events include an extensive re-enactment of the battle under the Santon hillock, military encampment on the village green and a fair.

49.19177N, 16.771463E

Commemorative ceremony at the Kopjafa memorial


Together with Telnice citizens, you can honour the casualties of the Battle of Austerlitz at the Hungarian soldiers’ memorial. This remembrance is followed by a procession through the village together with soldiers and Telnice cannoniers to the Na Lopatě wayside shrine, to honour the soldiers fallen in the battle. Students will sing the Székely anthem amidst cannon and rifle salutes.

49.101869N, 16.71775E

Sokolnice 1805 or a small chateau amidst a big battle


Visit the chateau park in Sokolnice and witness an attractive demonstration of battle with pyrotechnic effects. The event includes a ceremony at the memorial cross.

49.119791N, 16.726392E

Remembrance ceremony at the Cairn of Peace


The traditional ceremony at the Cairn of Peace is the culmination of the events on the 1805 Battle of Three Emperors.

Prace u Brna
49.127681N, 16.762416E