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Day Two: Northern Parts of the Battlefield

6 / Across the Battlefield of Austerlitz

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Day One: Southern Parts of the Battlefield

Brno, Líšeň – Podolí – Šlapanice – Kobylnice – Sokolnice (railway station) – Telnice – Žatčany – Újezd u Brna (railway station) – Hostěrádky - Rešov – Šaratice – Zbýšov – Křenovice - Hrušky – Vážany nad Litavou – Slavkov u Brna (Austerlitz)

The starting spot is in Mariánské valley in the Brno suburb of Líšeň – there is a quiet road towards Podolí and Šlapanice. The road will lead you to Kobylnice and then to Sokolnice. Apart from sights tied to Napoleon, you can take pleasure in the pond called “Balaton.“ It is a well-known spot where people from surrounding areas go for trips and relax. There is a special fish restaurant and angling contests take place there, too. Then keep on biking to Telnice and Žatčany. Between Žatčany and Újezd u Brna the way passes through the embankment of the former Žatčanský pond. At the end of the Battle of the Three Emperors the Allied troops were escaping that way. It is a good place to stop and observe the countryside there and while relaxing try to imagine the place covered with ponds instead of fields. Maybe it will refresh you a little in hot summer days. But you should not stay there too long – there are some other villages to visit on the way. After you leave the village of Zbýšov turn right to a field path and following the green sign you will get to Křenovice. There is a monument to commemorate General Kutuzov and you will certainly observe a special type of railing with motives of Napoleonic soldiers placed on the village square or Spáčil´s Farm, (No.65 House) where the Allies had their meeting before the battle. And from there keep on riding through the village of Hrušky and Vážany nad Litavou to Slavkov u Brna (Austerlitz). If you ride fast you will have enough time to stop at the swimming-pool or try the local specialties in one of restaurants on the square or in the Chateau.


Day Two: Northern Parts of the Battlefield