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Mikulov Castle Rajhrad Monastery Progressive Medical Treatment in Šlapanice Slavkov Castle Žuráň Hill and Famous Blood-Stained Red Sun Slaughterhouse on Vegetable Market Vyškov – Former Versailles of Moravia Retreat Clashes at Drnholec Slavkov u Brna or Austerlitz? Rare Guests in Chateau of Bohdalice Meeting at “Spálený mlýn” Three Emperors Threaten to Clash Peace Monument Elite Guards Clash Near Holubice Soldiers in Moravian Karst First Day of the Battle of Znojmo Fires of Jiříkovice First and Last Shots of the Battle in Telnice Merciless Fights for Santon Hill Place Called “Stará pošta” Armistice Treaty in Suchohrdly The French in Valtice Špilberk Castle and Assassination Attempt Pre-battle Meeting in Křenovice Governor´s Palace Lednice “Slap” Obelisk in Denis Gardens Pheasantry in Sokolnice Battle of Znojmo and Another Victory Famous Chapel and Legend on Ponds

Moravia and Napoleon. Let yourselves tempt to go for a trip to places where the emperor’s traces were left.

We have prepared interesting trips for you in the area where the European history was created. We will take you to battlefields of the Napoleon’s campaigns, to castle chambers and interesting museum exhibitions. Visit south Moravia! You will enjoy the stay and get interesting experiences!

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Find individual fragments of the mosaic left in the country by Napoleon's troops

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Follow in Napoleon's footsteps through Moravia

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Before you start, make your own itinerary through notable localities of Napoleonic Moravia

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