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2. den: Znojmo
Day Three: Mikulov

5 / The Most Beautiful Towns in South Moravia

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Day One: Brno

Brno, main railway station – passing through the Bašty Street and Denis Gardens – Petrov Cathedral – Zelný trh (Vegetable Market) with TIC (Tourist Information Centre) in Radnická Street – Masarykova Street – Svobody Square (Liberty Square) - Rašínova Street – Moravské Square (Governor´s Palace) – Česká Street – Komenského Square – Husova Street – Špilberk Castle (optional trail back to the main railway station – Rajhrad)

Almost all tramway lines go to the Brno main railway station and the coach station is just a few metres off – thus an ideal starting point for your trip. Take the stairs up the Bašty Street – in summer water flows through the reconstructed park to Denis Gardens. Pass round the Obelisk to the end of the park. You can see the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul from there. We recommend to mount up to one of its towers. Pass through the gate – its arch decorated in Gothic Revival style is the only one of its type in the Czech Republic – towards Zelný trh (the Vegetable Market). In its upper part you can explore the Dietrichstein Palace. If you are keen on history, do not miss visiting the Moravské zemské muzeum (Moravian Land Museum) located in the palace. Another choice is to see the Labyrinth below the Vegetable Market. Whatever your choice - take Masarykova Street then cross the central Svobody Square, further on Rašínova Street as far as the Governor´s Palace- a place where Napoleon was lodged during his stay. When you pass through Komenského Square you will get to a wide avenue – Husova Street – climbing it up, you will come to the main entrance of the Špilberk Castle. You are passing through the biggest park in Brno. The Castle offers exhibitions or mysterious casemates to explore.

If you are not too tired set out for a trip to Rajhrad that is 15 kilometres away. You find a monastery and a unique library there. There is also a museum called Památník písemnictví na Moravě (Museum of Literature in Moravia) with interactive exposition. You will admire Moravian writers in a book-tunnel and manuscript copies can be removed from drawers and explored in details. The renowned inventor Prokop Diviš has been recalled by a water-filled cylinder – a twisting squared log creates whirpool on its bottom. Driving a car it will take you a quarter of an hour to get there on R 52 road. A number of trains and buses shuttle there in about five times an hour. Tourist Information Centres in Radnická Street will help you to choose suitable places for accommodation. In Brno we recommend you to book it in advance.

2. den: Znojmo

Day Three: Mikulov