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Scenario B - on bike

4 / Following Napoleon off North from Brno

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Scenario A - hiking

Rájec-Jestřebí – following the bike trail Černá Hora – following green sign on the trail Bořitov - Pod Velkým Chlumem - crossroads Pod Malým Chlumem - Obora - Doubravice nad Svitavou (railway station).

We start at the railway station in Rájec-Jestřebí – in direction Brno – Česká Třebová. Before you continue to Černá Hora, follow the yellow tourist sign that will lead you to the Rájec Chateau. It used to be in possession of the Salm-Reifferscheidt-Raitz Dynasty. The Salms had enough troubles with Napoleon – it was the French Emperor who confiscated their estates in the Ardennes. While staying in the Chateau you should not miss its gallery nor the largest chateau-type library in the Czech Republic. And the perfectly maintained chateau-park is also worth visiting. Then return back to the railway station – the total turn off is about 3.5 kilometre long. You should keep on following the yellow sign towards the place called “Nad Jestřebím“ – it will lead you to the edge of a build-up area of family houses where the trail turns left. You, however should keep right following the bike trail to Černá Hora.

During the Battle of the Three Emperors, local people were obliged to supply soldiers with foodstuff and wine and beer as well. Černá Hora has been renowned for its brewery up till now. There is a brewing restaurant on the square where you can have some refreshment and observe historical brewing equipment and facilities located in its patio. After having a rest, you can go on hiking following the green sign towards Bořitov. You will come across a round-about where you find a Cross of Crucifixion and a road-house called “Špitálka“ – a former place of a military hospital after the Battle of the Three Emperors. Pass through the village of Bořitov and turn round houses and gardens to a field path following the left bank of the Lysický potok (stream). You should get to woods of Velký Chlum. At the foothill there is a group of statues devoted to Hussites – created by the native sculptor Stanislav Rolínek. The green sign will drive you to a road-fork called “Pod Malým Chlumem.“ If you are still enthusiastic enough and not too short of time turn towards a view-tower on the top of the hill of Malý Chlum. With good visibility you can catch a sight of distant Praděd Hill in the Jesenníky Mountains. Then you should return back to crossroads of signed trails. If you take the red-signed trail you will reach the village of Obora and passing it through as far as Doubravice nad Svitavou you will reach the local railway station to get to Brno by train. There is a restaurant on the other side of the River Svitava across the bridge at your disposal, too.

Scenario B - on bike