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Scenario B - by car / hiking

3 / A Short Trip to Vyškov

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Scenario A - by car

Vyškov, Town Hall, TIC ( Tourist Information Centre)– Chateau (museum) - Bohdalice


The trip start is on Masaryk Square in Vyškov. The local TIC (Tourist Information Centre) will provide you with the most up-to-date information on what to see or taste in town. There is a spectacular bird-eye view from the top of the Town Hall tower. From there – it is not more than one hundred metres to the Castle – a place where the Allied Staff held their meeting before the Battle of Austerlitz. The Castle houses a museum now. You certainly do not want to miss some of its eight permanent exhibitions. Typical Vyškov ceramics (majolica) forms a unique collection. And you should certainly visit the Chateau gardens – originally they were supposed to be laid out in the same way as the renowned gardens in Kroměříž. The plans, however had been thwarted by fire, you can find some similar loggias there, though. After delightful impressions from the gardens you should drive on straight to the village of Bohdalice-Pavlovice.

There is a local museum of Tomáš E. M. Müller – part of its expositions has been devoted to the 1805 battle period. The two Emperors - the Russian Tzar as well as the Austrian Emperor – spent a night at the Bohdalice Chateau before the Battle of Austerlitz. It is just a short walk from the museum to the chateau. Nowadays, there is a school in its premises, so you can observe it only from outside. The two outstanding guests´ stay, however has been commemorated by a commemorative board on the chateau´s facade. If you are lucky enough you will find a stone-made Cross of Reconciliation in fields beyond the village. You should take the way from the chateau, passing by the church as far as the end of the village towards the village of Kučerov – there is a place called “Piskál.“ The Cross is placed amid fields not far from power poles.

Scenario B - by car / hiking