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Scenario C - by car

2 / Napoleon and the Liechtenstein

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Scenarios A, B - hiking / on bike

Scenario A) Břeclav – by boat to Lednice to Janohrad – following the green sign to Lednice – following the red sign round the Lednice ponds to the Temple of the Three Graces – St. Hubert – Chateau Rendez-vous to Valtice (back to Břeclav by train)

Scenario B) Břeclav – Lednice – taking the road towards Podivín to the cenotaph - back to Lednice - Lednice – Valtice (back to Břeclav by train)

You reach Břeclav easily either by train or riding a bike. There is a modern construction of church with its bells hanging outside on the square. Then pass round the Břeclav Chateau and a former brewery to the Nature Park “Niva Dyje“ (Bottom Land of the River Dyje), utilizing the bike trail of the Educational trail “Lužní les“ (Meadow Forest). You will enjoy hiking or riding on blacktopped road – just beware of mosquitoes in summer. Another choice is to go by boat. The starting point is at the Rowing Club in Břeclav. We recommend you to find out the time-table in advance ( to prevent you from unexpected waste of time. You will land not far from Janohrad – it is the place you get to if you decide to utilize a bike trail and cover the whole distance on your own. Riding a bike is forbidden in the chateau park – there are enough racks to park them there. And certainly do not avoid visiting the magnificent chateau with a unique staircase made of one single piece of wood or a huge chandelier with 116 branches for holding candles.

Finishing sightseeing tour in the chateau and its park, we suggest bike-riders to make a short turn-off that would lead them a little farther in their efforts of following Napoleonic clashes. In Lednice you should follow the main road and turn right towards the village of Podivín. Turn left as soon as you cross the bridge over the River Dyje. The path will lead you straight to the local obelisk called “the Slap“. Then you should return back to Lednice and go on to Valtice utilizing the so called Liechtenstein´s bike trail. Rybniční Zámeček (Pond House) is a nice place where you can stop for a while and imagine what the countryside looked like during the era of the Liechtensteins. You can observe Apollonův chrám (Apollo Temple) as well as the Tři Grácie (Temple of the Three Graces) from there. The architects of those days were well-aware of best places what to place and where. To continue in your trip, take the way to Nový dvůr (New Yard). If you have enough time turn your way towards Apollo Temple - there is a good chance to have a swim there. Then pass by the Three Graces towards Svatý Hubert (a column structure of St Hubert). The path will lead you straight towards Rendez-vous or Temple of Diana. Visits are possible there in the summer you can enjoy wine-tasting, too. Not far from there is the town of Valtice with the magnificient Chateau. And you should not avoid going to the monastery of Merciful Brothers. There is good train connection from Valtice back to Břeclav.

Scenario C - by car