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Itinerary variants

Scenario B - by car

1 / Battle of Austerlitz Landmarks


Scenario A - hiking / on bike

Šlapanice (Žuráň)/Sokolnice – Peace Monument – following the yellow sign to Hostěrádky-Rešov – Zbýšov – Křenovice – Slavkov u Brna (Austerlitz)

If you choose the trail either hiking or riding a bike (available also for children on a safe bike trail) start from the village of Šlapanice - you can get there by trolley-bus from Brno. First you should climb up the Žuráň Hill – there is the best view upon the whole battlefield area and you will also find there a map with details on the three armies´ battle positions.

You should devote more time to exploring the Peace Monument – its expositions are very interesting and there will be enough time left to manage the rest of the itinerary. There is a new yellow sign that would lead you to Hostěrádky-Rešov and then following the railroad, you will get to Zbýšov. You can join the Educational trail of the Three Emperors that will lead you to Křenovice – a place that is full of sights linked with Napoleon, e.g. a monument to General Kutuzov, a commemorative board on the wall of Spáčil´s Farm (No. 65) – a place where the pre-battle meeting of the Allies took place. And from there - you can move on by train wherever you need.

Note: You can start your hiking or biking trip also in Sokolnice – there is an easy access there by train from Brno. You will climb up to the Peace Monument from the railway station and then you will follow the same trail.

Scenario B - by car