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Itinerary variants

Scenario A - hiking / on bike

1 / Battle of Austerlitz Landmarks


Scenario B - by car

Žuráň – Santon – Stará pošta (Old Post Station) – Slavkov u Brna (Austerlitz) – Peace Monument

We start on the Žuráň Hill – just a short way from Šlapanice. If you set out for the trip from Brno, follow the old road towards Vyškov. You will spot the two lonely trees on Žuráň from far away – they are on the right side of the road. When you explore the countryside, go back to the road and keep your way to the roadhouse called “Rohlenka.“ Recent excavations have revealed that there used to be a field-hospital during the Battle of Austerlitz and a road-side inn was there many years ago, too. You should focus on the village of Tvarožná with the Santon Hill – one of the most important places of the battle. Opposite Santon you will find a monument commemorating French General Valhubert who lost his life during fierce fights on December 2nd, 1805.

Keep on driving towards Vyškov and stop on the place called “Stará pošta“ (Old Post Station) – you will find a stylish Napoleon-look restaurant there. The place witnessed one of the most important meetings of Napoleon and his aides before the Battle of Austerlitz. And be sure not to avoid the local museum or the horse stables. There is another interesting place to be explored in Stará pošta. The local monument devoted to horses should commemorate their sufferings and recall the sad fact that not only people lost their lives in clashes. The next stop is in Slavkov (Austerlitz). There are four sightseeing tours available there. And there is no better place to complete your trip than on the Peace Monument. The multimedia exposition taking place there will certainly drag you in the middle of the battle. The whole trail can be completed the other way round, too. It is exclusively up to you whether you prefer natural beauties of the battlefield first or you will start your sightseeing tour in the multimedia exposition hall.

Scenario A - hiking / on bike