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Scenario A - by car

3 / A Short Trip to Vyškov

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Scenario B - by car / hiking

Vyškov, Town Hall, TIC (Tourist Information Centre) – Chateau (museum) ZOO and Dinopark
(optional - Aquapark or Air Museum)

This is a special type of trip suitable for families with children. If they are up to – take them to the chateau museum. Children will certainly be impressed by traveller Alois Musil and his adventurous books. In the local Gothic-style cellar they sometimes organize fencing performances. And then - let us go and see animals - though the local ZOO in Vyškov is not a typical one. They keep domestic and farm animals from all over the world there. You will find, e.g. a unique collection of hens including the species of fighting hens or a curly-hair hog – mangalitza!

And there is a special train taking you back to pre-historic period - a small tourist train drives you to Dinopark. Children will certainly love huge replicas of ancient lizards or a 3D cinema performance. And if it is too hot outside, take your children to the local aquapark. Another choice is to visit the Air Museum – in about four kilometres of the city centre near the road towards Pustiměř. Both children and adults may take the opportunity to sit in a cockpit of an air-fighter.

Scenario A - by car