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Day One: Brno
2. den: Znojmo

5 / The Most Beautiful Towns in South Moravia

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Day Three: Mikulov

Mikulov, TIC – Chateau – Kozí hrádek (Goat Tower) – jeskyně Na Turoldu (cave) – Svatý kopeček
(Holy Hill) with its Calvary

The TIC is located right on the square. You cannot miss the Castle – its silhouette is visible probably from all sides. The gardens deserve special attention but the permanent exhibitions are also worth visiting. We suggest to enjoy special view-points – they have been perfectly carried out by well-trained architects of the Dietrichstein Family. You can get a glimpse of the tower Kozí hrádek (Goat Tower) from the Castle – there has been a tourist view-tower now. You can get there passing through a romantic “wine alley” – a good chance to have a rest in one of many gardens in front of wine cellars in summer. If wine is not your favourite – hurry up to the cave called “Na Turoldu.“ The guided tour there is like a space trip and guides enjoy telling various funny stories on disclosing its mysteries. And nature-lovers will certainly appreciate a chance to climb up Svatý kopeček (Holy Hill). And you may be well surprised what a romantic place it is!


Day One: Brno

2. den: Znojmo