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Day Two: Spálený mlýn (The Burnt Mill)

8 / Following the Traces of the Austerlitz Peace Treaty


Day One : Slavkov u Brna (Austerlitz)

Chateau of Slavkov – St. Urban Chapel – outdoor swimming-pool in Slavkov (optional)

You can feel Napoleon´s spirit in the air in a picturesque town of Slavkov (Austerlitz). If you decide to come by car, we recommend to park it right on the square. Another choice is to come by train. In the present Historic Hall of the Chateau – the armistice treaty had been signed by Johann I, Prince of Liechtenstein and French Marshal Berthier two days after the Battle of Austerlitz. There are four types of tours available in the Chateau – it is up to you to decide for the one that would be attractive enough even for your children. Another good thing for you is that the guides have been at your disposal all year round – every day with the exception of Monday, in high season every day. In summer it may be a good idea to go to the local outdoor swimming-pool. If you decide to go to St. Urban´s Chapel you will be awarded not only by a splendid late afternoon view upon the countryside. It is the place where from French soldiers watched the progress of the Allied Russo-Austrian army from Olomouc towards Brno. The chapel is devoted to wine-growers´ patron. As late as in 19th century slopes of the hill were still covered with vine-yards.

If you decide to stay in Slavkov overnight, there are several possibilities you may find on

Day Two: Spálený mlýn (The Burnt Mill)