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Day One : Slavkov u Brna (Austerlitz)

8 / Following the Traces of the Austerlitz Peace Treaty


Day Two: Spálený mlýn (The Burnt Mill)

Slavkov u Brna(Austerlitz)– Bučovice – Ždánice (Vrbas´ muzeum) – Janův dvůr (Jan´s Yard)

After spending a night in Slavkov, drive on across Bučovice to Ždánice and its local chateau. The chateau park may be interesting for you to explore – it involves a hundred-year-old burial place for dogs. What is most exciting, however, is visiting Vrbas´ Museum (Vrbasovo muzeum) that has been located in the Renaissance-style chateau. As soon as you enter it you will be like Alice in Wonderland – whether you are a child or an adult. There are marvellous objects to be explored – children mostly love mobile exhibits like replicas of an old wind-mill and an old village, locomobile, a wind pump and many others. There are about fifty exhibits linked with Napoleon. And as you could have observed it in Slavkov, here you can also observe a fragment of Napoleon´s lime-tree from the place called “Spálený mlýn“ where the two Emperors - Napoleon and Francis I - decided upon armistice after the Battle of the Three Emperors.

You will reach the place leaving Ždánice passing through Archlebov and Žarošice towards Násedlovice. Between the villages of Žarošice and Násedlovice there is a settlement called “Janův dvůr“ (Jan´s Yard). The Emperors of France and Austria met there and it has been commemorated by an inscription in Czech and German languages as well as an info board, obelisk and the “younger cousin“ of the original Imperial lime-tree.

Day One : Slavkov u Brna (Austerlitz)