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Day One: Brno
Day Three: Mikulov

5 / The Most Beautiful Towns in South Moravia

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2. den: Znojmo

TIC – Town Hall Tower – Loucký Monastery – Church of St. Nicholas – St. Catherine´s Rotunda – Znojmo Underground

Set out to Znojmo in the morning. It will take you about an hour by car, by coach from the Brno Coach Station - Zvonařka - it will be just a little longer. When you get to Znojmo, first of all head to a TIC (Tourist Information Centre) – you will need a map to find your way in medieval streets of the town. Just next door is the Town Hall Tower – 170 steps upward but there is a splendid view upon the city from all sides. Do not miss the house where Napoleon spent a night – there is a commemorating board on its facade on Horní Square. One useful information: public toilets are available on the Square with Znojmo veduta (a large-scale cityscape). Then go on your way to Loucký monastery. Most part of the 2.5 kilometre-long stroll will pass along the Dyje River. In 1809, during the Battle of Znojmo (Znaim) the place witnessed heavy fights. The bridge over the river was an important strategic point and after conquering it French soldiers celebrated their victory in well-stocked Loucký monastery wine cellars. Wine-tasting is available for you, too. And in summer you can have a refreshing swim in the nearby swimming-pool. From May till October there is a tourist train available – it has eight stops within the city and it is a 90-minute guided tour. So, do not hesitate and hop on (get the timetable information from the TIC or they are available on city web pages in advance). You will pass by the Church of St. Nicholas. You can hop off any time and with your valid ticket you can complete the tour later on. There is a magnificent view from the Church of St. Nicholas, not far from there you will find St. Catherine´s Rotunda, too.

Enjoy the view upon the Dyje River valley bridged over by a 220-metre high railway viaduct based upon the Eiffel Office project as well as a beautifully flourishing Kraví hora (Cow Mountain) with its rare flora. If you intend to visit the Rotunda we recommend you to get the details in advance – it has been infrequently accessible because of rare frescoes inside it. If you have a chance to get inside even speaking is forbidden during the visit – dampness from exhales could harm the paintings. They depict legends on the Přemyslid dynasty. If you find the “no speaking” sign too limiting for you - explore the place from outside and direct your steps to the Znojmo Underground. It can be found below a Renaissance-style house on No. 2 Slepičí Market (Hen Market). It is just a few steps from the Town Hall where you started your tour. And search the entrance very carefully, as you are to start in the patio first. The underground tour will take about two hours. There is a number of opportunities to get a convenient accommodation in Znojmo – there is no problem to choose the most suitable one for you. And the same is to be said about Mikulov.

Day One: Brno

Day Three: Mikulov